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For secure and efficient communication, please do not call us by phone.
or customers, please fill out this form and send it back to us.
We will send a reply to you as quickly as possible.
Thank you.

◆Your name *Required

◆Your e-mail address *Required

◆Do you speak Japanese language?
  Not at all   Some words   Almost no difficulty

◆Admission fee
 VIP member [5,000Yen]    Regular Member [1,000Yen]

◆Session date and start time *Required   

◆Where would you like to have a session?
  Kyoto   Osaka   Tokyo   Sapporo

◆Partner you want to session with
 Partner name:   
  It is better for your desired partner to speak English
  My desired partner does not have to speak English
  I would like you to introduce English-speaking partners

◆A hotel for a session
  The hotel that I'm staying at (session fee + transportation fee)
    A name of a hotel   
  A love hotel (short-stay hotel) in the designated area.
 Hotel fee is not included in our price.(no transportation fee)
◆Designated lovehotels.
 You don't need to book a love hotel in advance. Please check in alone and tell us your room number.
[Kyoto Shijo]
  Hotel Shijo (四条ホテル) [GoogleMap]
  Hotel Toiuwakede (ホテルと、いうわけで) [GoogleMap]
[Osaka Nippombashi]
  Hotel Five (ホテルファイブ) [GoogleMap]
[Osaka Juso]
  Hotel LIBERTE (ホテルリベルテ) [GoogleMap]
  Hotel MILAGO (ホテルミラーゴ) [GoogleMap]
[Osaka Namba]
  Hotel U's (ホテルユーズ) [GoogleMap]
[Tokyo Shinjuku]
  Hotel AVYSS (ホテルアビス) [GoogleMap]
  Hotel GRANDCHARIOT (ホテルグランシャリオ) [GoogleMap]
[Sapporo Susukino]
  Hotel LaMer (ホテルラ・メール) [GoogleMap]
  Hotel LUXE RimaStyle (ホテルリュクスリマスタイル) [GoogleMap]

◆Session time *We will inform you of the total fee after confirming this form.
  60 minutes [Kyoto,Osaka]
  70 minutes [Tokyo,Sapporo]
  90 minutes [Kyoto,Osaka,Sapporo]
  100 minutes [Tokyo]
  110 minutes [Sapporo]
  120 minutes [Kyoto,Osaka]
  130 minutes [Tokyo,Sapporo]
  160 minutes [Sapporo]
  3 hour [Kyoto,Osaka,Tokyo,Sapporo]
  5 hour [Kyoto,Osaka,Tokyo,Sapporo]

◆Special options *Some Mistress can not special options.
☆Mistress Kiwako Oikawa,Mistress Minami Nizimura possible options.
  Naked mistress [+5,000yen]
  Pussy worship [+5,000yen]
  Vomiting [+6,000yen] *We bring food and drink for vomiting.
  Scat [+12,000yen]
☆Mistress Kafuka,Mistress Rurika Yakumo possible options.
  Scat [+12,000yen]
☆Mistress Yurika possible options.
  Naked mistress [+5,000yen]
  Pussy worship [+5,000yen]
  Scat [+12,000yen]
☆Mistress Akira possible options.
  Vomiting [+6,000yen] *We bring food and drink for vomiting.
☆Fill in the desired option. Will confirmation with whether the desired option is possible.

◆Please mark the favorite thing.
Physical domination
  Hard  Medium  Soft
Mental domination
  Yes  No
  Yes  No
Rope bondage
  Yes  No
Hand shackle
  Yes  No
Foot Shackle
  Yes  No
  Yes  No
Ball gag
  Yes  No
Anal stimulation
  Yes  No anal
  Yes  No
  Yes  No
Mouth-to-mouth feeding
  Yes  No
 *You have to prepare the food and drink.
Do you like these smells?
  Armpit  Vagina  Foot
Nipple stimulation
  Yes  No
Blamed in the foot
  Yes  No
Penis stimulation
  Yes  No
  Yes  No
Golden shower on the mouth
  Yes  No
Golden shower to the body
  Yes  No
  Yes  No
  Yes  No
  Yes  No
  Yes  No
Other requests

This dungeon meant to serve exclusivelly for your S/M or fetish fantasy. And sexual (vaginal) intercourse is not allowed. Diviation from this cord would result as immediate end of session and your expulsion from member list without refunding.

Excessive use of force and dangerous act to our staff would result immediate end of session and your expulsion from member list without refunding. In case of any serious (physical or extreme emotional ) damage done to our staff, may result as a reporting to nearby police station and criminal prosecution.

◆Are you(r skin) allergic to metal object / rubber or any other material?
But it does not guarantee perfect prevention of any allergic reaction.
We do not assume any responsibility to the results of your allergic reaction of any kind regarding to the session.
Are you allergic ? 
  No   Yes [Please write in detail]  

The use of condom is compulsory.

Please be mindful of the fact the session including bondage or restraint (especially using hemp rope), may leave some line of rash temporarily on your skin.

Rules in Kairaido
*You cannot sexual (vaginal) intercourse with mistress in the Kairaido.
*Mistress does not take off the costume. [Except when "Special options" are selected.]
*You cannot touch the mistress.
*You will be treated as a slave to the mistress.
*Swear allegiance to the mistress during the session.
*If you ignore the rules will stop the session without refund.

I understand the rules and send the form.