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Femdom BDSM and fetish sessions are available.
Session possible areas is the "Kyoto" "Osaka" "Tokyo" "Sapporo".
The area where a session is possible changes by Mistress.
*Please see the schedule of the Mistress page and check the area where session is possible.

Attention point.
◆For secure and efficient communication, please do not call us by phone.
Please fill out the form and send it back to us.
We will send a reply to you as quickly as possible.

◆Sexual [vaginal] intercourse is not allowed.
Immediately when Mistress feels dangerous, the session will be canceled and Mistress will leave. In addition, session fee in this case will not be refunded.
In case of any serious [physical or extreme emotional ] damage done to our Mistress, may result as a reporting to nearby police station and criminal prosecution.

◆Please be mindful of the fact the session including bondage or restraint [especially using hemp rope], may leave some line of rash temporarily on your skin.Also, if you[r skin] have allergy [metal, rubber etc] please be sure to declare it in advance.
But it does not guarantee perfect prevention of any allergic reaction.
We do not assume any responsibility to the results of your allergic reaction of any kind regarding to the session.
English available Mistresses.
*There is a dedicated booking form on the Mistress page.
Mistress Rammy
Mistress Kiwako
Mistress Yaya
Mistress Kaite
Booking form to other Mistresses.
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How to book and use

Session to Mistress schedule

1. Check the schedule and area of ??Mistresses.
2. Please decide the date and time of the session.
3. Send the booking form.
4. We will reply to you looking at the form.
5. If there is no problem, please reply "I want to book".
6. Please wait for our reply "Book confirmation" our reply from us.

When prioritizing the session date and time

1. Please fill in the date and time and area on the booking form and submit.
2. We will introduce Mistress that can be used for sessions.
3. Please decide Mistress and reply.
4. We will reply by looking at your reply.
5. If there is no problem, please reply "I want to book".
6. Please wait for our reply "Book confirmation" our reply from us.

Confirm the booking
Please contact us by "confirmation of reservation" before 8 pm on the day before the session.

On the day of Session
1. Please contact us by "confirmation of reservation" the reserve one hour before the start time.
2-1. If you check in at the hotel you must contact us with the room number. Please wait until Mistress arrives.
2-2. If you would like a meeting, please tell me your clothing and features when you arrive. Please wait until Mistress arrives.

We wish you and Mistress have a good time.
Thank you.